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Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we are able to say "Yes" to every student who applies to be one of Dave's Scholars. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

In these uncertain and unprecedented times, your donation means so much! Because of our donors, Mammoth Lakes Foundation is able to support students who are both beginning, and continuing their higher education path at a time when it seems the world has been turned upside-down.  When finding stability and pathways forward has become a little harder for some, Mammoth Lakes Foundation and the Dave's Scholarship program have been able to provide full scholarships to our students, as well as mentorship, mental health support and connections that have been hard to cultivate recently - all thanks to your generous donations.  

Each of our student scholars has a unique story to share as they pursue their dreams at Cerro Coso Community College. Some are the first to attend college in their families; some are returning to college after a hiatus; and others are seeking a certificate or degree to help them with their business. Your donation changes lives.

Thanks to you, you're making college an affordable reality—not only for the students, but also for their families, especially when there are several college-aged children under the same roof.

Thanks to you, you're opening doors of opportunity.

Thanks to you, you're improving our community. Education is a driving force for ending poverty and a key denominator for economic growth.

Thanks to you, you're investing in tomorrow's leaders, many of whom return to work in Mammoth.

Thanks to you, you've helped students start their path with zero debt as they pursue their goals of either transferring to a four-year college or staying in Mammoth upon completing certificate and associate degree programs.

Thanks to you, you've made it possible for students to not have to work as much so they can better focus on their studies.

Thanks to you, you've made it possible for local students to be role models for their siblings and friends, inspiring them to also chase their dreams.

Thanks to you, you're teaching students the value of volunteering and community involvement. Many of our students find satisfaction in giving back and continue to do so even after graduating.

Thanks to you, you're fulfilling Dave McCoy's legacy of offering higher education to locals so they don't have to leave this beautiful place we call home.

Dave's Scholar Transfer Scholarship

Sydney transfer award.jpg

Dave's Scholar and 2021 Transfer Scholarship recipient Sydney Genchi with Board Chair Luan Mendel and Executive Director Betsy Truax.

Mariah Ramirez - 2022 Roma Transfer Scholar.jpg

In 2021, the Foundation established our first-ever transfer scholarship, awarded to an exceptional Dave’s Scholar who is continuing their studies at a four-year institution. The scholarship will provide up to $10,000 per year for up to two years for tuition, along with mentoring from the Foundation staff and board. The inaugural recipient, Sydney, is studying Criminology at CSU Fresno. Sydney is the first person in her family to graduate from high school and attend college!

The Mammoth Lakes Foundation recognizes that many of our scholarship students pursue study at Cerro Coso with the intention of completing a 4-year degree after obtaining their A.A. We understand that the cost of tuition, as well as living expenses, is quite prohibitive for students leaving Mono County and this scholarship is intended to alleviate that burden for an exceptional Dave’s Scholar.


The Dave’s Scholar Transfer Scholarship represents a significant undertaking and financial investment by the Mammoth Lakes Foundation to further our mission of supporting higher education and cultural enrichment. The selected student must demonstrate a capacity to excel in their continued studies and understand that they continue to represent the Mammoth Lakes Foundation locally and in the wider world. 


In August 2022, we also established another new transfer scholarship named for Roma McCoy. The Roma Transfer Scholarship supports an exceptional student pursuing further study in healthcare or education after completing their associate degree at Cerro Coso Community College, Mammoth campus, in the Foundation’s Dave's Scholars program. Thank you for helping us make programs like these possible!​

Scholarship Coordinator Elizabeth Root with Dave's Scholar and 2022 Roma Transfer Scholarship recipient Mariah Ramirez, Board President Gary McCoy, and Mariah's proud parents.



Luca Cameron

"Being a Dave Scholar has been amazing. I say this because not only are students given a chance to have an opportunity to go to college for free. They are also given a plethora of resources to help them get through their classes. This is important because for many like myself working and juggling school at the same time is very hard to do. It is a lot of stress taken off my shoulders. Some things that have been a huge help to me is being able to talk to someone when I need help with signing up for classes and or need help with something relating
to a class. Another thing that I enjoy about the scholarship is that it has helped me meet a lot more new people who have now become my friends. The MLF staff also help you find connections in the fields that you plan on going into."


Michelle Villalpando

"The most significant importance to me of being a Dave's Scholar is being able to have the opportunity to go to college without financial burden. I've also learned to portray oneself with integrity and representing myself as a Dave's Scholar in the community. I enjoy volunteering or helping someone in need. I have learned so many things from the Mammoth Lakes Foundation by being a Dave's Scholar. Now I can look at things with a different perspective or approach than I would previously do. Without the many resources that the Mammoth Lakes Foundation provides, I wouldn't have the attitude I have now on many things. I am immensely grateful for the resources this Foundation offers."


Jose Ocampo

"This past semester was hard, to say the least, and was really challenging for a first-time college student like me. If I had to describe the overall semester in one word: educational. I learned a lot from college, in and out of my studies and classrooms. One of the things that I learned was
accountability, which came in the form of the scholarships I had and the obligations that came
with them. Specifically, I the Mammoth Lakes Foundation scholarship that I had because even
when I had things to do and assignments to complete, I had to make sure that I made time for the
scholarship that helped beyond belief. Slowly but surely I had to learn to become smart and
flexible with my time and being a Dave's Scholar pushed me to."

2023 Cerro Coso Commencement Ceremony-17.jpg

Alexa Cruz

"Receiving in this scholarship and being a Dave's Scholar has helped me achieve my goal to become a Medical Assistant. I received my certificate this semester and one of my academic goals has already been achieved. My next goal is to become a Physician's Assistant. By continuing these classes at Cerro Coso, I will be able to transfer to a university. The MLF staff is always there to help guide and support me when I need help, both financially and mentally. The Foundation has watched me grow since I began at Cerro Coso, and I am grateful they continue to help me to reach my next goals in life. My favorite part of being a Dave's Scholar is being lucky enough to get the support I get and that I have people that believe in me to achieve my goals."

2023 Cerro Coso Commencement Ceremony-01.jpg

Irvin Gonzalez

“For the first time in my life, I had to leave the comfort of my hometown. My college experience has been the first step in seeing my future and professional path. Being a Dave’s Scholar has allowed me to have another place I can call my home. It is like being part of another family that is there to support and watch me grow.  Being able to be a part of this family and scholarship allows me to survive and be able to attend school. Without this scholarship, I would not have enough money for furthering my education. My favorite part about being part of this heart-warming family is that I can feel the love and support behind me no matter what." 

2023 Cerro Coso Commencement Ceremony-18.jpg

Amy Godinez

"Receiving the Mammoth Lakes Foundation scholarship will help me achieve my goals to become a healthcare professional. The year of 2020 was very hard for me, but the past two years have been a great experience for me. The mentorship I received as a Dave's Scholars has helped me through hard times. They have heard my concerns and offered me help. I can't find words to express how thankful I am for them being there and helping me achieve my goals to become a Medical Assistant. It is less stressful for me and I have enjoyed going to school now. I feel proud of myself because I know that I can accomplish anything and can ask for help. I've learned how to prioritize taking care of myself first. I am grateful that through the MLF scholarship I have the choice to further my education to become a Licensed Vocational Nurse in the future or transfer to a four-year college to become a Registered Nurse."



Brett Rule-Davis

"To all of the benefactors who continue to fund and support the Foundation, I sincerely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The support; financially, emotionally, and physically given to me by the Mammoth Lakes Foundation has allowed me to complete two years of college and I will now be transferring to the University of Nevada, Reno. 

I am not sure that without the Mammoth Lakes Foundation, any of this would have been possible... I have loved growing up in Mammoth Lakes and would love to come back in the future and help this wonderful community the same way everyone here has helped me."


Litzy Trujillo

"Being a part of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation means being a part of a family to me. I appreciate how involved they are, it shows me that they truly care and are rooting for me. They constantly check on us and provide us with so many different resources, not only financial but also with resources for our mental health. I have found that every time we have brunches and check-ins, I can voice my concerns and struggles and they will do their best to help me or provide me with resources. Every time I attend a brunch, it makes me so happy to see all the new Dave's Scholars starting their college journey and all of the returning Dave's Scholars that are working on graduating and transferring. I truly feel like the
Foundation has built a family within our community. I am currently an LVN working at the Mammoth Hospital, and the Mammoth Lakes Foundation has been there for me every step of the way."

2023 Cerro Coso Commencement Ceremony-13.jpg

Merton Morgan

"One of the aspects I most value about my time as a Dave's Scholar is the sense of community and support that I have received. The MLF Scholarship program has provided me with not only financial assistance but also mentorship, guidance, and a network of fellow scholars who have been a source of inspiration and motivation. Through the MLF Scholarship, I have had the opportunity to connect with experienced professionals who have provided guidance and advice on academic and career-related matters. They have shared their insights and experiences, helping me navigate challenges and make informed decisions about my educational and career goals. This mentorship has been invaluable in shaping my academic and personal development, and I am genuinely grateful for the support and guidance I have received as a Dave's Scholar."


Chris Villanueva

"What I value most about my experience as a Dave’s scholar is the opportunity to talk to other Dave's Scholars that are in a similar position as I am. Being able to talk to and see other people that are on a similar academic path as me is a great opportunity. It makes me feel that there are other people that I can relate to and that makes my academic journey a little easier because I know that other people are going through a similar process as me, which is something that helps motivate me. This confidence gained from my time at Cerro Coso is something that I will apply in my further educational pursuits because it will help me push myself to take on new challenges that I may have previously thought would be near impossible for me to accomplish."

Gloria Solorio, photo of a female college student with curly long brown hairposed in a school photo

Gloria Solorio

“I graduated from Cerro Coso Community College - Mammoth the Spring of 2019 with three AA degrees. I was accepted to 6/7 universities I applied to: UNR, Sac State, San Jose State, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, & UC Davis. I attended and graduated from UC Davis (Spring of 2021) as a Dean's Scholar and majored in psychology and minored in education. Thanks to the Mammoth Lakes Foundation and their generous donors, I had the opportunity to fulfill one of my biggest dreams: transfer to a four-year university (with no student debt!) and receive my Bachelor's degree! I admire what the MLF does and I am delighted to share that I was part of their team the summer of 2020 and 2021. I could not be more thankful!”

Manning_S Headshot.jpg

Sienna Manning

"Dave and Roma McCoy have created such an incredible opportunity for so many students and athletes in Mammoth. I feel so lucky to have been a Dave's Scholar and a part of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation. A thank you is the least I could say to Dave and Roma, but if I had the chance to speak to Dave and Roma, I would love to tell them how I am so appreciative of this organization. Mammoth will forever hold such a significant piece of my heart, not only because it is where I got to grow up, but because it is where I learned to ski and found such an incredible love for skiing and the endless beauty of the Eastern Sierra."

Contaldi_Quinn Headshot.jpg

Quinn Contaldi

"After graduating Spring 2021, I transferred to University of Nevada Reno where I am a Computer Science and Engineering major.  Before leaving Mammoth, I started a small gaming development company; Code Sierra Studios. We currently have two games in development.  I can't thank the Mammoth Lakes Foundation enough for the sponsorship, guidance and support they gave me as I started my college journey. Being a 'Dave's Scholar' was a great privilege and I would not be where I am today without the support of this wonderful community."

Torrey Patrie, photo of a female college student with blonde hair with a snowboard helmet and goggles on her head smiling

Torrey Patrie

“Since attending Cerro Coso I have been continuing my education at the University of Arkansas, and I’m currently a senior looking to graduate in the Spring of 2021. I am majoring in Business Management with a minor in Finance. This semester I have been working with the company LeadAbroad as a chapter representative for my sorority. While I am not yet aware of what I want to continue on to do after graduation I am extremely grateful to the Mammoth Lakes Foundation and the scholarship they work to provide each and every graduate who asks for financial assistance.”

Carson Dorough, photo of male college student with shaggy brown hair smiling

Carson Dorough

"When I first started college at Cerro Coso, I had no clue what my associate's degree would be in, let alone my overall major and future college options. Now, I am confident that I will be transferring at the end of the 2022 year to a different college, quite possibly a UC. I would not be in this position if it were not for Cerro Coso and the MLF, and I am grateful for all that I have learned this year that has given me a sense of direction that is much stronger than compared to the start of the semester."

Lynn Reggelbrugge Headshot.jpg.png

Lynn Regelbrugge

"The support from the Mammoth Lakes Foundation became absolutely indispensable. I have discovered that the MLF is made up of good people who are concerned about me and my success. It has been humbling to realize how many people are really 'in my corner.' I have become incredibly grateful to the Foundation staff as well as the donors."


Lauren Harris

“I am currently in the ski resort town of Wanaka, New Zealand supporting a Lighthouse Church that was started by the Lighthouse Church in Mammoth Lakes. While I had completed ministry school before attending Cerro Coso, finishing a degree and being a Dave’s Scholar reinforced the importance of community encouragement, empowerment of others, and commitment to finish strong. I brought these values with me to New Zealand and I know that they will stay with me wherever I may go.”

Calvin Forsythe, photo of a male college student smiling in a white t-shirt and short blond hair

Calvin Forsythe

“Since I graduated from Cerro Coso, I’ve been up to a lot! After completion of my associates degrees, I was accepted into San Diego State University where I earned my bachelors degree in Political Science with distinction, and a certificate in public law with distinction. I am currently pursuing a career in the United States military as an officer in the Judge Advocate Generals Corps practicing law for the Navy. I couldn’t have succeeded without the initial financial jumpstart that the Mammoth Lakes Foundation provided for me. Their help was invaluable!”


Interested in becoming a Dave's Scholar?

Please contact Scholarship Coordinator, Elizabeth Root, at 760.934.3781 or at for more information.

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