The Mammoth Lakes Foundation Scholarship program was launched in 2003 to encourage Mono County high school graduates to take advantage of local educational opportunities through Cerro Coso Community College's Mammoth Campus. MLF has awarded more than 670 scholarships since! Support for an individual scholarship ranges from $800 to $1,000 each semester and covers tuition and books. 


Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, we are able to say yes to every student who applies to be one of Dave's scholars. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!


Each of our student scholars has a unique story to share as they pursue their dreams at Cerro Coso Community College. Some are the first to attend college in their families; some are returning to college after a hiatus; and others are seeking a certificate or degree to help them with their business. Your donation changes lives.

Thanks to you, you're making college an affordable reality—not only for the students, but also for their families, especially when there are several college-aged children under the same roof.

Thanks to you, you're opening doors of opportunity.

Thanks to you, you're improving our community. Education is a driving force for ending poverty and a key denominator for economic growth.

Thanks to you, you're investing in tomorrow's leaders, many of whom return to work in Mammoth.

Thanks to you, you've helped students start their path with zero debt as they pursue their goals of either transferring to a four-year college or staying in Mammoth upon completing certificate and associate degree programs.

Thanks to you, you've made it possible for students to not have to work as much so they can better focus on their studies.

Thanks to you, you've made it possible for local students to be role models for their siblings and friends, inspiring them to also chase their dreams.

Thanks to you, you're teaching students the value of volunteering and community involvement. Many of our students find satisfaction in giving back and continue to do so even after graduating.

Thanks to you, you're fulfilling Dave McCoy's legacy of offering higher education to locals so they don't have to leave this beautiful place we call home.


Isme Lopez Pantoja

I will be the first one in my family to go to college. I want to attend a community college and transfer to a four year university since it would allow me to save some money. I plan to start going to Cerro Coso Community College here in Mammoth for two years to get my general education. After Cerro Coso, I plan to transfer to a CSU to be able to go into a nursing program. Thank you for supporting my dreams of higher education!

Quinn Contaldi

I am always seeking to grow as a student and as an individual. I am passionate about this semester and am looking forward to pushing my personal limits to an exciting future! I am so grateful for the Foundation donors for making this opportunity possible.

Angela Harvey

If it were not for the scholarships, there is no way I would be where I am today. Being a mother of two, going to school and supporting a family is next to impossible. But with the scholarship and support from the MLF I have reached my goal and I am now employed at Mammoth Hospital. Having the support from our community is so appreciated, I am forever thankful.

Nathan Everson

This scholarship is proof that someone believes in my educational dreams. Of course, having this amount of money has helped pay for some of my books and alleviate pressures concerning time management. The more the scholarship gives is in direct correlation to the amount of time I can set aside for scholastic activities. Thank you so much!

Lupita Garcia Barajas

I want to be able to support my parents by working at a profession that will not only support me financially but also a profession where I can give back to my family for everything they have sacrificed for me. Through the support of the Foundation, I plan to apply to a Nursing Program at UCSB. Upon completion of my Nursing degree at UCSB I hope to come back home and give back to the community that has raised and supported me.

Connor Kusumoto

This scholarship removes some of the stress that comes with paying for college. It also provides a sense of comfort when taking on the cost of college. Thank you! I appreciate your generous donations to learning and giving those like myself the opportunity to pursue a college education.

Mario Rios

Education is one of my biggest priorities. My educational goals are to go to Cerro Coso and then transfer and major in kinesiology because I would like to help people in sport-related activities. This scholarship tremendously helps me to achieve my goals because I don't have the financial means. This scholarship will help me become a successful person.

Lauren Harris

The scholarship provided by the Mammoth Lakes Foundation alleviates some of the financial pressure that comes with devoting time to class, homework, and pursuing higher education. I value my time in school and because of this, I have chosen to work less to focus more on my studies. Every bit helps when it comes to making my dream of college happen, so thank you greatly!

Alejandra Quiroz Castillo

With the help of this scholarship I plan to study business at Cerro Coso so I can learn how to best manage and grow my business and any I may start in the future. I understand that the business world can be very difficult and competitive, but by studying business I hope to reach the top and be able to help the people I love and other people who want to have a better life and achieve their dreams. Thank you for this opportunity!

Kate Jones

My family and I are unable to afford a higher education so if I had not received the MLF scholarship, I would not have been able to return to college (I am returning to college after a hiatus). I am a first generation college student. In the town I come from, if you had a job at a restaurant, then you are considered to have a good job.  That is the future I was set-up for. I want more than that, though. I want an education because I want to be successful. This scholarship has given me the chance to begin building my real future, not the one I was set-up for. For that, I am forever grateful.

Briseida Perez Burboa

The reason why I want to attend college is so I can get a good paying job that can help me out at home. I am so grateful for my parents for all they have done for me; now it is my turn to care for them. This scholarship helps both my parents and me to attend college without any complications that relate with money. This scholarship will shape my dreams and aspirations. Thank you so much.

Priscilla Yanez

My firsts semester attending Cerro Coso Community College, I had the privilege in receiving the support from the Mammoth Lakes Foundation and The Rotary Club. Members from both organizations of each group have amazed me on how much encouragement and assistance they have provided me with, even through my own personal hardships.  I am ready to get to where I want to be and with your continuous support I am ready to help out the community as well. Thank you.


To enhance the quality of life for those who live in our community through arts and higher education.




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